Want To Learn How To Speak French?

It is a well known fact that we can’t live our lives without using a computers, especially on a daily basis. Computers and software have made our lives easier and it’s about to get easier for you if you’re interested in learning how to speak French.
There's an increase in development for language learning software and through the years many new features and ground breaking improvements have been noticed.

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Why Learn French From Software?

Some people may or may not agree with us that one of the best ways to learn French is through software. If you have already started learning a language from a private or group lesson, you will find the differences are quite slim. The main advantages compared to learning French from a real tutor / person are:

  • Cost are much lower than a private teacher
  • You can learn at your own pace or at your own convenience / any where
  • All the necessary techniques to learn a language are already featured in software
  • You can repeat lessons over and over again until you get it

Well that’s just to name a few. There’s also a lot of advantages of having a private teacher as well but what concerns you the most will help you decide if you want to work with software or a tutor. If costs and time is your biggest concerns, than software would be your choice. If you don’t like using computers then private lessons might be your best bet.

What Should I Look Out For With Learn French Software?

The main thing you should look out for is how much of the French language you actually want to learn? If you want to go on holidays and want some basic phrases, words and understanding of the language, then you should go with a much cheaper course. However, if you really want to learn how to speak, read and write French, then you should invest in one of our top 3 recommended reviews.

Here’s a few tips to help you decide on which learn French software you should go with:

  • Voice recognition – Helps you to compare your accent to a the local French accent
  • Progress Tracking – This shows you how much you have learned and how you can progress
  • Core Fundamentals – A good course should teach you the basics like reading, writing and speaking
  • Easy To Use – Must be easy to use and install and should work on PC & Mac's
  • Manuals & Workbooks – It’s good to have something physical you can write on and read.
  • Support – With good support you can fix any problems you might encounter with software
  • Price – This should be based on what you want to achieve, to speak fluently you should invest more than if you were just interested in learning phrases.

We hope our reviews will help you better understand how to find the perfect software to learn French fast. Most of our reviews come with money back guarantee’s so you can tell just how good they are. The longer the guarantee the better! All the best in your endeavour to ;earn how to speak French.

Au revoir et bonne chance!

Have you always wanted to learn how to speak French? We'll now you can with some of the best language learning software avaliable. You'll find a course that will suit your learning pattern and budget, take a peak and read some our most competitive french language programs we've found.

Learn French Comparison Table
Overall Rating Price Buy Read Review Game Title Selection Delivery Time Customer Service Ease of Use Trial
Tell Me More French
$209 Complete Beginner to Adv.
French Complete Edition
$179.95 Beginner to Adv.
Instant Immersion French
$44.99 Beginner to Adv.
Rocket French $99.95 Beginner to Mid.
Rosetta Stone French $249 Beginner
Learn French Review