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Rosetta Stone French Review (Level 1)

Rosetta Stone French’s method to teach French is very much based on picture-word association. Rosetta Stone French associates French phrases and words with pictures in order to build up your vocabulary and to help you recognize the words and phrases better. Using the same method, you too can learn grammar at the same time.

Rosetta Stone also uses audio tracks and a speech recognition system to help you improve  your French pronunciation and conversing in French fluently. Rosetta Stone French couldn’t top the list because it is not mobile and in order to learn further, you will have to top up for a more advance learning program.


Rosetta Stone French’s features include:

Most importantly, Rosetta Stone French uses a simple progress tracking system to track your progress and help you to personalized your course so that you can skip or repeat some exercises based on your understanding of each lessons.


Rosetta Stone French provides a pretty good basic course to help you handle reading, writing and listening in French with ease. With its speech recognition system in place, you get immediate feedback on your French pronunciation and accent with is highly effective for quick learning.

Ease of Use

The interface is simple and very much self-explanatory that you can figure your way around the program without much help or instruction. There are only a few options in each exercise, and the menu options are labeled precisely.


There is a handy FAQ session for the program available online and also a complete set of manual that come with the physical software box. You can also contact the support team via email or phone.


Rosetta Stone French is overall a good course if you are willing to spend because as you advance, each level requires you to invest more. And the course also lack of mobility; you can’t convert the audio files to a portable device.

Rosetta Stone French Review